Gulf Coast Green 2019
Crossroads: Inclusive Exchange


Student Competition


In the fall of 2018, Houston joined the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) Network. As part of their new membership, the City of Houston is creating a long-term Resiliency Strategy to address identified shocks and stresses to the community. The Gulf Coast Green 2019 conference invites current enrolled university-level students to contribute their own piece that could be incorporated into the overall Resiliency Strategy Plan that will be submitted to the 100 Resilient Cities Network. Students will be asked to make a case for why their resiliency strategy is important to the City and should be included in the final Plan.

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Participant teams are to take a position on one element of a comprehensive resiliency strategy (“theme”) they feel Houston should focus on as a new-member 100RC city (i.e. economic mobility, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, risk-preparedness, technology and data management, etc.). Please review the Urban Resilience Strategies for examples from current member cities. []

It is recommended that students form teams of up to four prior to the conference. Students are encouraged, but not required, to form multidisciplinary teams that include at least one member with a design background (architecture, art, planning, engineering). If you would prefer to participate as an individual or need assistance finding other participant teams to join, please contact the competition organizers &

It is recommended teams or individuals review the 100 Resilient Cities Network website [] resources and brainstorm in their groups prior to the conference to prepare material and a point of view. Teams will have up to 10 minutes to present an oral “pitch” for their theme for Houston’s Resiliency Strategy to a panel of invited judges.


The pitch must be primarily an oral presentation, but a visual element is required. Teams will be required to present and display at least one (1) element of visual medium to convey their message. Media is acceptable in a digital or physical format and may include diagrams, sketches, images, physical model, video, etc. Powerpoint presentation is an acceptable medium but students are encouraged to think outside the box and points will be awarded for creativity of the visual element. A projector will be available on-site. Students are expected to be at the conference by 9 am and will have four hours to work on their presentations pitch before judging in the afternoon. Final pitches will take place in the hour before the closing keynote in the same venue.


The competition will take place at the Gulf Coast Green conference at Rice University’s Moody Center for the Arts on May 17th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Participants in the student competition will receive full admittance to the conference. The deadline to register is May 3rd, 2019. Students can register in teams of one to four participants. To register, please designate a primary contact person to register the team via email, & Please include each team member’s name and email address in your registration email. You will be required to submit your Resilience Strategy theme by April 29, 2019 to &


Judging will be based on the following elements:

  • Theme addresses a clearly identified shock, stress, or need relevant to the City of Houston.

  • Proposed solution(s) are comprehensive, realistic, and show evidence of critical thinking.

  • Presentation cohesiveness and usage of visual element to enhance the overall pitch.

Judges will include representatives from City of Houston, Kinder Institute and Gensler.

1st Place $900
2nd Place $400
3rd Place $200

Monetary prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams. Prize money must be split between team members. Awards will be announced before the closing keynote address.