Gulf Coast Green 2019
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What is To Be Done?: Answers From 45 Years of Serious Commotion


Gail Vittori and Pliny Fisk have been doing groundbreaking work together for decades at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems.  They will discuss how the green building movement has evolved in the context of their own work, including what makes their process unique and effective in making change.  They will each discuss projects they have completed that best represent their philosophy and pedagogy: Vittori will describe how she has used compelling human stories to create a mindset shift, and how this has worked in her efforts to integrate health into building practice; Fisk will discuss his efforts to create materials and prototypes that can address climate change and its impacts, such as refugee migration, poverty, and homelessness.


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Pliny Fisk

With a background in architecture, landscape architecture, and the systems sciences, Pliny has made pivotal contributions to the sustainability movement for more than four decades by developing replicable prototypes, protocols and policy initiatives. Pliny’s seminal life cycle-based protocols helped shape the first green building program, and influenced many more. He has collaborated on federal demonstration greening efforts, including the Greening of the White House and Greening of the Grand Canyon, and on scores of other pivotal projects such as the EpiCenter building in Montana, the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and the Seattle Justice Center, and on Solar Decathlon entries with the University of Texas (2002) and Texas A&M University (2007).

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Gail Vittori, LEED Fellow

Gail Vittori, LEED Fellow, Co-director of Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, works at the intersection of sustainable design, green building, and human health. She is the 2019 Board Chair of Green Business Certification Inc., (GBCI) and served on the U.S. Green Building Council Board of Directors from 2002-2010, including in 2009 as Board Chair. She is co-author of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture, and convened and co-coordinated Green Guide for Health Care, the first health-based rating system customized for the healthcare sector.Her work as Sustainable Design/LEED Consultant has spanned private and public sector projects nationally and internationally, including, in Austin, for the Mueller Redevelopment, Block 21, Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas—the first LEED Platinum-certified hospital in the world, Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, and the new LEED Platinum-certified Austin Public Library.   

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4:30pm - 6:00pm


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