Gulf Coast Green 2019
Crossroads: Inclusive Exchange


Plays Well With Others: Cultivating understanding and collaboration among scientists, planners, and designers as agents of change


Cities are the busiest intersection of a constantly changing socio-ecological world. An ideal synergy among allied disciplines such as planning, design, science, and engineering ultimately results in equitable policies and projects insured by the rigor of science and engineering, and bolstered by nuanced collaboration. As our practices become increasingly interconnected, it is vital to understand how our underlying individual, community, and disciplinary values drive the research, planning, design, and policy-making in our city. When we are allies for each other’s values and effectively collaborate with one another, we can collectively further multifunctional goals and the creation of more resilient cities.



Katie Coyne

As the Leader of Asakura Robinson's Urban Ecology Studio, Katie works on planning and design projects focused on balancing scientific rigor with meaningful incorporation of community and equity considerations. Katie holds a B.S. in Ecology from the University of Florida and M.S. degrees from the University of Texas in Community and Regional Planning and Sustainable Design. Katie serves on the City of Austin Environmental Commission and Joint Sustainability Committee, The Trail Foundation Ecological Restoration Committee, and on the Board for Equality Texas, the state’s largest LGBTQ lobbying and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring equality for ALL Texans (#yallmeansall).

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9:50am - 10:40am

CE Credit