Gulf Coast Green 2019
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Midtown Park: Managing Stormwater in an Urban Park


Midtown Park fulfills a 20-year vision established by the Midtown Redevelopment Authority (MRA) to create a premier park destination in the Midtown District of Houston, Texas. After extensive planning and land acquisition, the MRA and a developer partnered to transform this underutilized land into a vibrant, urban park and multi-family development. Midtown Park improves access to green space while creating park programming and recreational opportunities within a park that is defined by innovative stormwater management. Slated to be the first SITES certified project in Houston, Midtown Park is a marker of sustainability that provides vital park space to the neighborhood and its surrounding communities.



Alex Ramirez

Alex Ramirez is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer practicing in the Houston office of Design Workshop. Alex has project experience in both the private and public sectors and brings expertise in streetscapes, parks and improvements in the public realm. In addition to this, Alex has also worked on several residential gardens, retail developments and projects that require a high level of technical coordination and understanding. Alex has worked on several projects that have been recognized by Greenroads®, LEED, and the Sustainable SITES Initiative®. Alex is a member of ASLA and is active in Central Houston and CHIME. 


Heather Venhaus

Using her background in landscape architecture and ecological restoration, Heather Venhaus works with teams of natural scientists, designers, and educators on projects emphasizing sustainable development, land restoration, and environmental education. Ms. Venhaus is the principal of Regenerative Environmental Design, a sustainable design-consulting firm in Austin, that strives to connect natural and built systems in mutually beneficial ways. Heather is currently assisting projects collectively worth over $45 million with ecological restoration, sustainable design, and SITES certification. She has held several leadership roles in the ASLA and the U. S. Green Building Council at both local and national levels.

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